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Hair Name: Pre Stretched Braiding Hair Extension 

Hair Material: MFB Fiber

Hair Length: 20, 26, 30, 36 inch available

Hair Weight: 75g, 90g, 100g, 120g can per your request

Hair Color: #1B,#1B/30,#1B/27,#1B/99J are most popular color, you can also find in our color chart page.

Hair Quality: Easy Lock for Braiding ,Tangle Free, Soft and light-weight, Non-slip texture, Easy for Hot Water Setting.

Kindly Note: You Can Change the Style in 175℉ Hot Water As You Want.

Why MFB Fiber

Most synthetic hair product companies only work with Kanekalon Fiber. We are different. We want to offer a better solution. Healthier alternative. The only clean, fresh and sweat resistant anti-bacterial fiber in the world. MFB Fiber.

What is MFB(My First Braids)?

MFB is one of the world’s best fiber for hair products for women and gives beautiful hairstyles. Being safe and clean, it is responsible for the health of wearers all over the world.

MFB provides a suitable fiber to fit all the hairstyles including hair weaving, crochet, hair accessories, and braid. We are proud of it, cause MFB uses beautiful, healthy and safe material as well as eco-friendly recyclable material for the environmental safeness of earth.

Anti-Bacterial Fiber

MFB Antibacterial Fiber is a core/sheath type hair fiber which is structured with a sheath component which contains antibacterial microparticles of a natural Zinc sulfide harmless to the sheath structure itself, nor the human body.

Metals such as Gold(AU), Silver(AG), Copper(Cu), and Zinc(Zn) contain ions that destroy cell membranes of many bacteria. Even tiny amounts of metallic ions can be catastrophic for bacteria; when absorbed onto the ions, the protein chains that form their cell walls break, which prevent their metabolic and physiological functions, and eventually killing the bacteria.

  • Uses the harmless, non-toxic, and natural Zinc Sulfide microparticles
  • Proven effectiveness through the world’s first clinical trial on the human scalp
  • Does not absorb sweat, but rather dries it out quickly to maintain a comfortable fit
  • The lightest wig fiber ever, with a weight of 0.92(Human hair about 1.2).

Crocet Braids Xpression Hair

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My first braids – MFB – WHOLESALE Braids EXPERTS

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